Self audit: Would you pass?

Growth comes with nutrition where as development comes as a result of pressure. Think about it. Some of our development in life comes out of discipline and othersout of trouble that we find ourselves into unable to make heads or tails. Juzi, jana and leo I have been looking at my faith and the other things within and without to see what I can do to be fulfilled having taken the time to grow and develop to maturity. I was amazed at the discovery that we are at different levels of development and it will be sad to be reduced to baby food and activity because we do not want to make others uncomfortable by the exploits of our developed selves. It got me raving my engines for more pressure so I can grow and develop to my full potential.

Are you ready for a self audit?  Here we go.

What are you doing to develop yourself (body, spirit, soul, intellect (mind), your career and the vehicles you belong to (your department at work, small group, church, neighbourhood, family)? leo if you stood before yourself, your career and the vehicles that God has placed you in what will they have to say about you?

Habari ndio hiyo sasa.

I signed up for life

I signed up for life

No one spelled it out for me

flock mentality, follow the leader

I signed up for life

lifelong rich life of conviction

holding still through it all

I signed up for life

to live a life with Jesus inside

loving, praying, and engaging

I signed up for life

my world acknowledging

the divine directing my path for life

Why Bother?

Why bother to pray when you know very well that you won’t see a miracle? Why continue to  live a life with no testimony that demonstrates the power and presence of a God every day of your life? Why bother going through the trouble of attending church on Sundays when it fits our schedule and hang out in small group week in week out? Why read the bible on occasion or accidentally catch a christian show here or there while flipping through the channels? what drives you to fill your life with faith-based values and activities yet you have little or nothing for show?
Yes! why bother flashing the christian badge year in year out yet, you are the same old guy nothing to write home about?
I am at the edge again, questioning the place of my faith, our faith and how it must be the heart of everything that defines us or not feature at all. Why should I bother doing all these things I do yet see no results? I need the truth and nothing but it to last my entire life; excited at the prospect of a miracle when faced with the impossible, expectant of persecution when I stand for truth, hope in the face of ugly facts of life and love that is selfless and eternal. I am wearing a new attitude because Jesus lives in me, I call home what you call church, I meet my brothers and sisters every week so we can uphold our family values and share the resources we have. I am compelled by love to live a life of conviction that draws its drive from the faith I have in God.
What is your resolve?
“…Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you…”- Jeremiah 29:12-14